Store Regulations

Store Regulations

Fusset is implementing a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Smart Growth 2014-2020 (Action 3.3.3) “Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go To Brand.”

Project title: promotion and internationalization of the Fusset brand in foreign markets with a focus on the Persian Gulf countries DUBAI 2021.

Project Goal: The goal of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the Fusset brand by expanding the export business of FFG Alicja Lichoń. These activities will ensure an increase in business revenues by increasing the scale and reach of the company’s innovative services in foreign markets and promoting them.



Account – a free function of the Store (service) regulated in this Regulation, which allows the Buyer to create their individual Account in the Store, where data provided by the Buyer and information about Orders placed by them in the Store are collected.
Buyer or Customer – any entity making a purchase in the Store.
Store – the online store of FFG Alicja Lichoń company, operated by the Seller at address;
Seller – FFG Alicja Lichoń company with headquarters in Warsaw (postal code: 00-582), at al. J. Ch. Szucha 8, NIP: 1231031521;
Business days – weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Poland;
Delivery – the Seller’s provision of the goods specified in the order to the Buyer through a designated Delivery Service;
Delivery Service – the courier company cooperating with the Seller;
Goods – products or services presented by the Seller through the Store, which may be the subject of a Sales Agreement;
Sales Agreement – a distance contract concluded on the terms specified in the Regulations, between the Buyer and the Seller;
Order – the Buyer’s declaration of intent made using the Order form and directly aiming to conclude a Sales Agreement for Goods with the Seller;
Registration form – the form available in the Store, enabling the creation of an Account;
Shopping cart – a component of the Store’s software where the Goods selected by the Customer for purchase are visible;
Regulations – this Store’s terms and conditions.
Payment – the method of making payment for the subject of the agreement and delivery as mentioned in the Payments section.
2 Contact details of the Seller: FFG Alicja Lichoń, 00-582 Warsaw, al. J Ch. Szucha 8, e-mail:


(1) All rights to the Store, including property copyrights, intellectual property rights, as well as the rights to designs, forms and logos placed in the Store (except for logos and photos presented in the Store for the presentation of goods, the copyrights to which belong to third parties), belong to the Seller.

(2) The Seller will make every effort to make the use of the Store possible for Internet users using all popular Internet browsers, operating systems, device types and types of Internet connections.

3. The Seller uses “Cookies” files during the use of the Store’s website, which are stored on the Buyer’s end device. The use of “Cookies” files aims to ensure the proper functioning of the Store. This mechanism does not affect the operation of the Buyer’s terminal devices and does not cause configuration changes in these devices. Cookies are used for statistical and marketing purposes, as well as to provide features of the website. Using the appropriate function of your browser, you can delete cookies at any time, as well as block their use in the future. To learn how to manage cookies, please refer to the help file of your browser. You can read more about it by pressing F1 in your browser. If cookies are not disabled, it means that the user consents to their use.

(4) In order to place an Order in the Store, it is not necessary to have an Account. In order to use other services, including the use of promotions related to making further orders in the Store, it is necessary to have an Account.

(5) It is prohibited for the Buyer to provide unlawful content and use the Store in a manner that is unlawful or violates the personal rights of third parties. It is not permissible to use the resources and functions of the Store to conduct activities that harm the interests of the Seller.


(1) In order to create an Account, the Buyer should make a free registration. Registration is not necessary to place an Order in the Store. Registration is done by completing the Registration Form provided on the Store’s website.

(2) When registering, the Buyer has the opportunity to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. The buyer may also voluntarily consent to the processing of his personal data for marketing purposes. Consent to the processing of data for marketing purposes does not condition access to the Account service. Consent may be withdrawn at any time, by submitting an appropriate statement to the Seller.

(3) After submitting the completed Registration Form, the Buyer will receive by e-mail (to the e-mail address provided in the Form) a confirmation of registration. From this moment, the contract for electronic provision of the Account service is concluded, and the Buyer obtains the ability to access his Account and make changes to the data provided, except for login.


(1) The information contained in the Store does not constitute an offer by the Seller within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only an invitation to the Buyer to make an offer to conclude a sales contract.

(2) The Buyer may place Orders in the Store 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

3. The Buyer places an Order through the Store’s website by selecting the desired Goods and choosing the “Add to cart” command. After completing the entire order in the shopping cart, the Buyer selects the Delivery method and payment form and places the Order by clicking the “Order with an obligation to pay” button. Each time, the Buyer is informed of the total price of the selected Goods and Delivery, as well as all additional costs he must pay in connection with the conclusion of the Sales Contract.

(4) Placement of the Order shall constitute submission by the Buyer to the Seller of an offer of a Sales Contract for the Goods, which are the subject of the Order. After placing an Order, the Buyer will receive an e-mail confirmation of the new Order.

(5) The Seller shall send information on acceptance of the Order for processing to the Buyer’s e-mail address provided. This information is the Seller’s statement of acceptance of the offer referred to in the provision of Paragraph. 4 above and as soon as it is received by the Buyer, the Contract of Sale is concluded with the Buyer.

6. in accordance with the provisions of Art. According to Article 106b of the Value Added Tax Act (VAT Act), an invoice for the order will be issued only if the Buyer provides a VAT Identification Number (NIP) in their buyer’s data during the order placement. Orders that do not include a VAT number in the ordering data will be invoiced to individuals.


(1) The prices of the Goods listed in the Store are gross prices and do not include information on Delivery costs or other additional costs.

(2) The Buyer may choose the following forms of payment for the Order:
Bank transfer – to the Seller’s bank account (the fulfillment of the Order will commence after the funds are received in the Seller’s bank account, and the Buyer receives confirmation of the Order’s acceptance from the Seller), Payment card or bank transfer through an external payment system (Order processing will begin after receiving information from the system that the payment has been credited and the Seller has sent the Buyer a confirmation of acceptance of the Order).

(3) The Buyer shall be informed on the Store’s website of the deadline by which he is required to make payment for the Order. If the Customer defaults on payment, the Seller will send the Buyer an additional payment reminder by e-mail. In case of ineffective expiration of the 14-day period for payment, the Order will be canceled by the Seller.


(1) The Seller shall deliver the Goods subject to the Sales Contract without defects.

(2) The Seller shall post on the Store’s website information about the number of working days required for the processing and delivery of the Order.

(3) The ordered Goods are delivered to the Buyer via the Supplier at the delivery address indicated in the Order form.

4 The Buyer should examine the delivered shipment in the presence of the Supplier. If the shipment is found to be defective or damaged, the Buyer has the right to request the Supplier to write a proper protocol.

(5) The Seller shall attach to the shipment an invoice covering the delivered Goods.

(6) If the Buyer is not present at the address specified by the Buyer, the Supplier will attempt to contact the Buyer by telephone to arrange another time or leave an advice note. If the shipment is returned to the Seller, the Seller will contact the Buyer by e-mail or telephone, setting a new date and cost of Delivery.


(1) The Seller shall ensure Delivery of Goods free of physical and legal defects. The Seller is liable to the Buyer if the Goods have a physical or legal defect (warranty).

(2) If the Goods have a defect, the Buyer may:
make a statement about reducing the price or withdrawing from the Sales Agreement, unless the Seller immediately and without undue inconvenience for the Buyer, replaces the Goods with defect-free or removes the defect. This limitation does not apply if the Goods have already been replaced or repaired by the Seller, or the Seller has failed to comply with the obligation to replace the Goods with defect-free Goods or remove the defect. The Buyer may, instead of the removal of defects proposed by the Seller, demand replacement of the Goods with defect-free Goods or, instead of replacement of the Goods, demand removal of the defect, unless bringing the Goods into conformity with the contract in a manner selected by the Buyer is impossible or would require excessive costs compared to the solution proposed by the Seller. In assessing the unreasonableness of costs, the value of the Goods free of defects, the nature and significance of the defect found shall be taken into account, as well as the inconvenience to which other means of satisfaction would expose the Buyer; Demand that the defective Goods be replaced with defect-free Goods or that the defect be removed. The Seller shall replace the defective Goods with defect-free Goods or remove the defect within a reasonable time without undue inconvenience to the Buyer. The Seller may refuse to satisfy the Buyer’s request if bringing the Goods into conformity with the Contract of Sale in the manner chosen by the Buyer is impossible or, compared with the other possible way of bringing the Goods into conformity with the Contract of Sale, would require excessive costs. The cost of repairing or replacing the Goods shall be borne by the Seller.

(3) The Buyer, who exercises warranty rights, is obliged at the expense of the Seller (subject to § 9.5 of the Terms and Conditions), to deliver the defective Goods to the Seller’s address.
The Seller shall be liable under the warranty if the physical defect is discovered before the expiration of 2 years from the release of the Goods to the Buyer. A claim for removal of a defect or replacement of the Goods with defect-free Goods shall be barred by the statute of limitations of one year, but this period shall not end before the expiration of the period specified in the first sentence. Within this period, the Buyer may withdraw from the Sales Contract or submit a statement of price reduction due to a defect in the Goods. If the Buyer has demanded replacement of the Goods with defect-free goods or removal of the defect, the time limit for withdrawal from the Contract of Sale or submission of a statement on price reduction shall begin when the time limit for replacement of the Goods or removal of the defect expires without effect.

Any complaints related to the Goods, the Buyer may address in writing to the Seller’s address. The Seller will respond to the complaint of the Goods within 14 days from the date of the request containing the complaint. If the buyer who is a consumer demanded replacement of the Goods or removal of the defect, or made a statement on reduction of the price, specifying the amount by which the price is to be reduced, and the Seller did not respond to this demand within 14 days, it is considered that the Seller recognized the demand as justified.


(1) A buyer who has entered into a Sales Contract may withdraw from it within 14 days without giving any reason. The time limit for withdrawal from the Contract begins when the Buyer takes possession of the Goods. The customer may withdraw from the Sales Agreement by submitting a statement of withdrawal to the Seller. The form with the declaration of withdrawal from the Agreement can be found on the Store’s website under Return | Replacement | Complaint. To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send the statement before its expiration.

(2) In the event of withdrawal from the Sales Contract, it is considered not concluded.

(3) If the Buyer made a statement of withdrawal from the Sales Contract before the Seller accepted the offer, the offer shall cease to be binding.

(4) The Seller shall, no later than 14 days from the date of receipt from the Buyer of a statement of withdrawal from the Sales Contract, return to him all payments made by him. The Seller may withhold reimbursement until it receives the Goods back from the Buyer.

(5) If the Buyer has chosen a method of delivery of the Goods other than the method of Delivery offered by the Seller, the Seller shall not be obliged to reimburse the Buyer for any additional costs incurred by the Buyer.

(6) The Buyer is obliged to return the Goods immediately, no later than within 14 days from the date of submission of the withdrawal from the Contract to the Seller.

(7) In the event of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale, the Buyer shall bear the cost of returning the Goods to the Seller.

8 The Buyer shall be liable for any diminution in the value of the Goods resulting from improper use of the Goods.

9. the Seller shall refund the payment using the same method of payment used by the Buyer.


1 The Seller provides free services through the Store:

Account Maintenance.
(2) The above services are provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

(3) The Seller reserves the right to change the type, forms, time and manner of providing access to the above-mentioned services.

(4) The Newsletter service may be used by any Customer who enters his/her e-mail address using the Registration Form available on the Store’s website. After submitting the completed form, the customer will receive an electronic confirmation of the service. At that moment, the Newsletter service contract is concluded. Newsletter service consists of sending e-mails by the Seller containing information about new services or products in the Store’s offer. The newsletter is sent to all customers who have subscribed. The Customer may cancel the Newsletter service at any time by unsubscribing via the link provided in each email sent as part of the service, or by activating the appropriate field in the Account.

(5) The Account service is available after registration under the terms described in the Rules and Regulations and consists in providing the Customer with a dedicated panel in the Store, allowing him to modify his personal data, as well as to track the execution of Orders and the history of Orders completed in the past. A customer who has registered may request the deletion of the Account, and if such a request is made, the Account may be deleted within 14 days from the date of the request.

6. The Seller is entitled to block access to the Account and free services in the event of the Customer’s actions causing harm to the Seller or other Customers, violation of legal regulations or the provisions of the Regulations, as well as when blocking access is justified by security reasons – particularly in the case of the Customer attempting to break through the Store’s website security or engaging in other hacking activities. The blocking of access for the aforementioned reasons lasts for the period necessary to resolve the issues forming the basis for the blocking. The Vendor shall notify the Customer of the blocking of access to selected services electronically.

§ 10.

All provisions regarding the processing and protection of personal data are contained in the Privacy Policy tab.


(1) Both the Buyer and the Seller may terminate the contract for the provision of services by electronic means at any time and without giving reasons, subject to the preservation of the rights acquired by the other party before the termination of the aforementioned. Agreement and the provisions below.

(2) A customer who has registered shall terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services by sending the Vendor an appropriate statement of intent, using any means of remote communication.

(3) The Seller shall terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services by sending the Buyer an appropriate statement of intent to the e-mail address provided during registration.


(1) The content of these Terms and Conditions may be recorded by printing, saving to a medium or downloading from the Store’s website.

(2) If a dispute arises on the basis of the concluded Sales Agreement, the parties will seek to resolve the matter amicably. The law applicable to the settlement of disputes is Polish law. Any customer may use out-of-court means of handling complaints and claims. For this purpose, the customer can use:

mediation conducted by the locally competent Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection, to which mediation should be requested. As a rule, the procedure is free of charge. The list of Inspectorates can be found here:
assistance of the locally competent permanent arbitration consumer court operating at the Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection, to which a request for consideration of the case before the arbitration court should be submitted. As a rule, the procedure is free of charge. The list of courts is available at the address:
The online platform for dispute resolution (ODR) is available at the address:
(3) The Seller reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. All Orders accepted for processing are carried out on the basis of the Terms and Conditions that were in effect on the day the Customer placed the Order. The Seller will inform the Customer of the change in the Terms and Conditions by e-mail. If the Customer does not accept the new content of the Terms and Conditions, he is obliged to notify the Seller, which results in termination of the contract.

(4) Matters not covered by these Regulations shall be governed by generally applicable provisions of Polish law, in particular: Civil Code; Act on Provision of Electronic Services; Act on Consumer Rights, Act on Personal Data Protection.

5. The Regulations come into force on May 1, 2021.